Lane Restrictions for Trucks in California

Lane Restrictions for Trucks

Truck lane restrictions in California allow trucks and other slow-moving vehicles to use the rightmost lanes of the highway. Some highways have “truck-only lanes” and failure to adhere to these restrictions can result in fines.

These laws aim at promoting the safe flow of traffic and at reducing traffic accidents caused by motorists who attempt to pass the slow-moving trucks. The law also covers other types of vehicles including those towing motor homes and u-hauls. These laws are detailed in the California Vehicle Code.

The number of lanes a truck and other heavy vehicles can use depends largely on the total number of lanes available in any direction.

For instance, a truck is restricted to only the far-right lane of the highway if there are only three lanes in that direction (excluding the carpool lane). However, the truck may pass using the No. 2 lane. If the highway has four or more lanes in each direction, the trucks can use the two right lanes.

Interstate 5 Freeway, which spans the west coast from San Ysidro in the Mexico border to Hornbrook in the north, has truck-only lanes. These lanes stabilize the flow of traffic by removing the trucks from.

The California Highway Patrol is tasked with enforcing these law and truck drivers found contravening the restrictions can be ticketed and fined.


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