Motorcycle Laws in Sacramento

Motorcycle Laws

What Sacramento Riders Need To Know

Motorcyclists in Sacramento city must follow certain set rules that govern motorcycle riding in California. There are standard laws that apply to motor vehicles and specific that only apply to motorcyclists. Riders are required by law to adhere to both sets of rules.

Motorcycle Laws in CA
Sacramento Motorcycle Laws

Motorcycle riders must always wear a helmet that meets the U.S. Department of Transportation standards. The motorcycle should also have working front and rear turn signals. In addition, the bikes must have left and right mirrors. The bike’s handlebars must be positioned within 6 inches from above the rider’s shoulder height when seated. The motorcycle’s exhaust must comply with the Motorcycle Anti-Tampering Act. Passenger motorcycles must also have a fastened seat behind the driver’s seat and should have footrests for the passenger.

All riders must acquire a learner’s permit before being eligible to apply for a license. A permit is given to motorcyclists who have taken and passed a vision exam, a skills test, and a knowledge test. The tests will evaluate the riders on their knowledge about the California Motorcycle Handbook. People under the age of 21 must hold the permit for six months or longer before applying for the permit. Riders holding a permit will not be allowed to carry passengers, drive on a freeway, and ride at night until they receive the license. 

Lane splitting is not prohibited in California. While doing so, the rider should not travel at low speeds that may affect the flow of traffic. The law also protects motorcyclists from drivers who may leave their doors open in an unsafe manner.

Every motorcycle owner is required by law to have minimum liability insurance of $15,000 for one person injured in an accident, $30,000 for several people injured, and $5,000 for damage to property.

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