California Vehicle Registration Laws – Vehicle Code 4000a1

Vehicle Code 4000a1 (4000a1 VC) is a California law that requires the owner of a vehicle to keep it properly registered with the DMV. Registration in this context means paying the taxes and fees to the DMV, keeping the license plate fixed to the vehicle, as well as the validation details.

Proper registration also requires the owner to keep a copy of the registration inside the vehicle and present it to the police when requested.

Failure to follow these rules means the vehicle is not properly registered and you can get a citation or a ticket for violation of 4000 a1 VC. This is not a criminal offense and therefore you will not go to jail. It is an infraction and it carries a fine of $280 plus court costs which can make the total fine closer to $1,000.

This offense is also correctable meaning if you get your car registered and you bring proof to the court, then the judge will almost always dismiss the ticket.

It is very important to keep your car properly registered even if you are not currently driving or using the vehicle. It doesn’t matter where your vehicle is parked. It could be on a public street or even in an off-street public parking facility.

If you got a ticket for 4000 a1 VC but you have sold the car or given it away or junked the vehicle, you still have to go to the DMV and complete a declaration of non-ownership and bring that to the court. The judge will most likely waive the fine and dismiss the ticket.

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