California Gun Laws Come into Effect as Millions Feel the Impact

2020 Gun Control Laws: Suicide Prevention and Purchase Restriction

The state of California, with the lead of Governor Gavin Newson, recently passed into law gun laws restricting further the purchase and use of firearms. The State is estimated to have more than 4.2 million gun owners, who will be affected both directly and indirectly by the laws when they take effect.

One of the new gun laws expected to take effect from September 1 is the prohibition of firearm purchase if one is found to have a gun-violence restraining order. California has in recent years, been one of the states with the highest number of gun-related violence and deaths.

Under Chapters, AB 61 of the California gun control laws, the individual including employers, teachers, or co-workers, could seek a gun-violence restraining order from the district court.

The issuing of a restraining order will thus allow police to seize the weapons from someone making a threat from their homes or workplace. Such an individual will also be prohibited from purchasing any form of a firearm for the next five years under Section AB 12.

Another significant change that is likely to stir controversy is the restriction of individuals with a gun-violence restraining order from purchasing firearms from another state. Similarly, an individual who is prohibited from buying guns in another state will not be allowed to buy any form of firearm in California.

The measures taken into consideration when formulating the new California gun laws include the high number of gun-related violence over the years. The steps also sought to curb suicide cases through the institution of mandatory suicide warnings on gun labels.

In addition to suicide warning, the handgun safety certificate test will be carried out to ensure that the applicant completes basic training before being issued with a firearm under Section AB 645 of the California gun laws. Taking effect on June 1, the law on certification is expected to eliminate chances of accidental suicide through inexperienced use of firearms.

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