Vehicle Code 16028a VC – Proof of Financial Responsibility

Vehicle Code 16028a, also known as 16028a VC, is a law that requires drivers in California to carry proof of financial responsibility, which is basically proof of insurance. Therefore, the driver is required to carry the declaration page of the policy or the insurance ID cards in the glove compartment.

If you get caught driving without insurance, you can get a ticket for a 16028a VC violation. This is usually not a crime but an infraction. You will not go to jail for this violation but you can be given a fine of $100 to $200 on a first offense and between $200 and $500 on a subsequent offense.

However, it is the court costs that can double or even triple the fine amount. The DMV can also order your driver’s license to be suspended.

16028a VC violation is correctable, meaning if you go and get insurance or proof of insurance and bring it to the court, the judge will usually dismiss the ticket and not impose the fine.

Regarding the amount of insurance you must pay, California requires you to obtain liability insurance. This is insurance to cover other people you injured in the event of an accident.

Typically, the policy covers up to fifteen thousand if you injure or kill one other person and up to thirty thousand dollars if you injure or kill more than one other person.

The policy also covers up to five thousand dollars for property damage. While these amounts are just the minimum you should carry, it is advisable to carry a much higher level of insurance if you can afford it. This is because if the policy is not enough to cover the other person’s damages, they can come after you personally for the difference.

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