Understanding the California Lemon Law

When Can you Use the California Lemon Law?

A person who has leased or purchased a car in California and ends up in the repair shop for repeated problems may seek the California lemon laws to help them get their money back. A lemon is a new car with a significant defect or several recurring issues that the dealer or mechanics are unable to remedy. California lemon laws were enacted to provide consumers with confidence when buying a new car since it is a complicated and expensive item. 

California lemon laws offer protection for consumer goods that are leased or purchased for personal, family or household use. These laws apply to most consumer goods except for clothes and consumable products like vegetables, fruits, cosmetics, and over-the-counter drugs. A Californian manufacturer has a responsibility of either replacing or refunding the consumer’s money for a defective product. 

California lemon law applies when a reasonable number of repair attempts have been made, also called the Lemon Law Presumption. The Lemon Law Presumption applies if the problems your car is having are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, or the problem first happened within 18 months of delivery, or within 18,000 miles. Also, the problem must be reducing the use, value or safety of the vehicle to you. 

To initiate a California Lemon Law claim, a person should first provide the dealer with a chance to fix defects that are covered by warranty. If the dealer cannot fix the problem after some reasonable faith attempts, the person has the opportunity to make a Lemon Law claim. 

When you decide to get your money back rather than the replacement car, the manufacturer or dealer should use a formula to determine what you have to get. The manufacturer or dealer should compensate you for your down payment and sales tax, monthly car payments, license and registration costs, incident costs, and attorney’s fees. 

Anybody who believes that they have a strong case and evidence for a refund or replacement under the California Lemon Law should understand how to open a lemon law claim. The big part of the process is to get all proper paperwork ready before seeking out a lemon law lawyer. It is important to note that the law allows the manufacturer or dealer to deduct money to reflect the mileage driven until the reporting of the problem. 


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