Laws Regulating California Teenage Drivers

What are the Penalties for Teen Driving Violations in Sacramento?

California State enacted some laws in 2006 that restrict what a driver under the age of eighteen can do while operating a vehicle. The state came up with various rules and regulations to reduce the increased number of teen-related accidents.

Provisional restrictions apply to every person under eighteen years of age in California. A driver is given a provisional driving license during their first year and should be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the process. A driving teacher, an instructor or anyone above 25 years of age can also offer assistance to the provisional license holder. The person must also be accompanied by someone qualified if driving between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. or carrying passengers younger than twenty years of age.

The California provisional license holder should have a qualified driver present in the vehicle. A person who is under eighteen is not allowed to use any handheld electronics, electronic communications devices, or similar items. Violating this law could lead to severe consequences.

The California Driving Laws provide some exceptions to drivers with a provisional driving license. A teenage driver in possession of a vehicle without an adult companion should have a signed note explaining why there is a need for the exception and include the date for the exceptions, and when it will end. The exceptions exist through medical-related issues where there are no possible alternatives, for school activities, and if a person is required to drive to a job where the vehicle is part of the employment. In case of an emergency, the need for an immediate family member or the teenage driver, exceptions with a signed note is possible.

A driver with a provisional license can face severe consequences if involved in an accident through distraction from a handheld device or if caught violating the California teen laws when operating a vehicle. Besides, the driver could be charged by law enforcement with a misdemeanor for such kind of activity. However, if the teenager is in an emergency, a citation may not be issued.

Teenagers violating California teenage driving laws can suffer a 30-day license restriction. This is as a result of two or more points through violations on the license of the teen in one year. Having three or more points can lead to suspension of driving privileges for more than six months or up to one-year probation and can even cause suspension of the driver from operating in the state past the eighteenth birthday.

For a teenage driver to avoid misdemeanor charges for the violations, they will need a lawyer to help in defense against the charges. 


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