California Law Definition of Child Abuse and Neglect

What Constitutes Child Abuse or Neglect in Sacramento?

Child abuse is a severe crime in the state of California, and it is subject to lengthy guidelines and strict penalties under thorough laws. While California law is meant for the protection of vulnerable children, it also protects most parents, caregivers, and other individuals working with and around children and wrongfully accused of child abuse.

In most cases, allegations of child abuse stem from false accusations or misunderstandings. An individual convicted of child abuse can face devastating consequences. Those who are found guilty could face prison sentences or hefty fines. A child abuse offense can leave you with a criminal record that will make it difficult for you to find employment. Allegations of child abuse could also seriously harm the relationship between you and your loved ones or other people.

A person arrested in California and convicted with child abuse charges is usually placed in jail pending a court appearance. It is at this time that the defendant has to look for a professional and licensed bondsman to start the bail bonds process. The bail bondsman schedules an interview with the convict to ask relevant questions regarding their arrest. The paperwork process then begins and payment arranged after the bondsman has explained the financial responsibility that goes along with signing a bail bond. Once the bond is paid, it will be posted and the convict released from jail awaiting a court hearing.

In Sacramento, child abuse and neglect law recognizes some types of child abuse, including physical abuse, emotional or mental abuse, substance abuse, and sexual abuse neglect. Child abuse takes many different forms and pertains to anything done to cause immediate harm to children, either overtly or covertly.

California child endangerment laws state that any individual who inflicts unreasonable or inhumane punishment on a child, resulting in trauma or injury, commits a felony and faces severe child abuse charges. California Penal Code 273d PC prohibits people from participating in cruel or inhumane punishment on children.

An adult who profits from using children for labor, power or any other reasons that bring financial benefit could face child abuse charges in California. The federal laws protect children against physical abuse and sexual abuse that is regarded as the exploitation of a child. Sexual exploitation of children includes incest, rape, sexual slavery and forced pornographic participation.

Sexual abuse, physical abuse, assault, or any emotional or mental abuses on a child are regarded as punishable offenses in California. Assaults such as kicking, hitting, and punching that lead to physical injury to a child violate the California law. Any individual who causes or allows children to be harmed in any means is subject to prosecution. Those convicted with felony child abuse may be jailed for up to six years, or face mandatory child abuser’s treatment and counseling program, and about 48 months minimum probation.


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